Q&A with a Paleo Cajun Lady, a Recipe + a Giveaway!

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Tara Perillo Take Me Back to Summer Salad1

Take Me Back To Summer Salad from AIP Paleo Cajun Cookbook

Tara Perillo, alias Paleo Cajun Lady, is one of my favourite AIP bloggers. She is kind and gentle, candid and witty, generous and wise. I could go on, but I love her most for the honest, caring and supportive nature that comes across so readily in her blog and social media posts. If you already know Tara, then this information will be all too familiar and you’ll doubtless be aware of the rough ride she has had in her quest for good health and her battles against Lupus, Vitiligo and Plaque Psoriasis. Hopefully you will also know that she released her first e-book in May, the appropriately titled “AIP Paleo Cajun Cookbook“. If you haven’t had the pleasure of connecting with Tara, then do go and say hello, there will be a warm welcome when you do….

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